Aging Well Podcast

Episode 85: Is the Glass Full?

May 21, 2023 Jeff Armstrong Season 2 Episode 22
Aging Well Podcast
Episode 85: Is the Glass Full?
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Show Notes

In aging, years don’t matter. Performance matters. Quality of life matters.

Dr. Rob Gilbert ("Success Hotline", Episode 11,762) tells us that showing up is 100% of life.

Jim Harshaw, Jr. ("Success Through Failure", Episode 402) tells us that results are not the only thing that matters. Performance matters.

Do we view life as a glass half-full or half-empty--or as a glass full with water and air?

In this episode, Dr. Armstrong and Corbin Bruton discuss this glass metaphor for life and aging well. How does this relate to a growth-mindset, a positive attitude, showing up, and... aging well? Listen and decide.

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