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Episode 108: Whole Milk for Aging Well?

October 29, 2023 Jeff Armstrong Season 2 Episode 45
Aging Well Podcast
Episode 108: Whole Milk for Aging Well?
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Show Notes

Whole-fat dairy is bad for our health. Switch to skim milk or an alternative like almond milk. This is what we have been told for decades by nutritionists and doctors. A recent paper in the European Heart Journal, “Diet, cardiovascular disease, and mortalities in 80 countries”, however, suggests that whole-fat dairy might be a protective food. The authors, Andrew Mente et al., concluded that “a diet comprised of higher amounts of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, and whole-fat dairy is associated with lower [cardiovascular disease] and mortality in all world regions, especially in countries with lower income where consumption of these foods is low.” In this episode, we discuss dairy foods and the challenges seniors may face that can make it difficult for them to maintain a healthy diet for… aging well.

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