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Episode 87: Don't Call Me a "Senior Citizen"

June 04, 2023 Jeff Armstrong Season 2 Episode 24
Aging Well Podcast
Episode 87: Don't Call Me a "Senior Citizen"
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Show Notes

A regular listener recently shared a blog post by Sam Tetrault titled: "7 Alternatives to Calling Someone a 'Senior Citizen'." For some, labels such as "senior citizen' or "elderly" may be considered ageist and, for some, offensive.

In this episode, Dr. Armstrong (60 years old) and Corbin Bruton (soon 35 year old) discuss the labels and there alternatives from their own unique experiences and perspectives and how they relate to... aging well.

Additional articles on alternatives to "senior citizen":
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Is language like ‘seniors’ and ‘elderly’ disrespectful to refer to someone over 65?
The Most Offensive Senior Terms and Characterizations

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